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Investment Opportunities


Smart Technology

Africa is the source of numerous current technology innovations. Investors should seize the opportunities created by Africa’s technology revolution to develop products that can accelerate transformation and enable innovative Pan African solutions to global opportunities and challenges.



Although Africa has one-sixth of the world’s population, it accounts for just 3 per cent of the world’s electricity generation. Africa will not achieve a breakthrough in improving people’s lives unless government tackles the issue of Infrastructure deficits. Power Africa, a US Initiative provided electricity to some part of sub-saharan metropolitan cities of Africa. This is an example of the kind of infra-structural investment that Africa needs.


Investment (Angel)

Africa’s private sector is an emerging economic force and as such, is yet to engage effectively with governments to create the conditions for broad-based growth. Foreign investors are also failing to grasp the full market potential of investment opportunities in Africa. We call on global investors and companies to come strengthen the economic linkages between export sector and domestic markets.


Human Capacity Building

Africa has the highest youth population in the world with 55 percent of the population under 30. The youth population is so powerful and a positive element for progressive change. But to achieve social progress for themselves and others, young people need good jobs that provide decent livelihoods. This summit focus among others things “Investing in the Next Generation” will help in advancing this critical agenda.



Just about two-thrid of Africa’s people depend on farming for their livelihood. Raising their productivity will boost economic growth, reduce poverty, and enhance food and nutrition security. Global investors are increasingly choosing Africa as a lucrative opportunity, and pouring money into agribusiness. Africa welcomes investment in the agric section.


Sport Development

Sports development and marketing in general have been in a stagnant state in Africa with very little progressive improvement. The state of sports in Africa is way different from what it used to be five years ago. This is not to say that it does not still need a continuous overhaul, lots of planning, patience, strategic and beneficial partnerships for increased significant improvement to continue to take place. Investment in African Athletes will always have a profitable ROI.


Lifestyle & Entertainment

The creative and cultural industries are an increasingly important piece in the puzzle of Africa’s Development. These industries such as design, fashion, film, television, radio, music and much more have all too often been overlooked as legitimate avenues for jobs and gross domestic product. But that is starting to change. This sector is a gold mine and with a well channeled investment it will drive sustainable development , ROI and create jobs.



Sub-Saharan Africa is home to the youngest (and fastest-growing) population in the world. A growing number of these young people need to be educated, with an increasing percentage of the youth expected to be educated in private schools and universities. By 2022, approximately one in four children up from one in five today may be enrolled in private schooling, suggesting the time for investing in the sector is today.


Real Estate

Commercial real estate development in sub-Saharan Africa is booming. Rapid urbanisation, a wealthier population and a rapidly growing middle class, re-location of businesses, and travel to Africa for business and tourism are driving demand for new and modern offices, hotels and retail malls. Development is not uniform across the continent, but the appetite for developers and lenders is becoming broader. Development in Africa is not without its difficulties, however, and there are hurdles to be overcome when investing in, or financing, a commercial real estate development.